Under Bench Filter & Chiller & Boiler

$2,648.00 + GST

Brand New Commercial grade Spring Under Bench Boiler and Chiller combo with Filter Unit and Tap kit.

Boiler and Chiller are separate units allowing for easier under bench positioning.

Original Under Sink Boiling Water Unit

Features at a glance:

* 1.25L Capacity
* Unit sits under the sink saving power and space
* Solid Brass Australian made tap
* Double lever Tap
* rapid action 1/4 turn lever tap
* High-clearance spout enables convenient filling of taller vessels.
* Element controls temperature and boil dry protection
* Easy change filters.
* 1.8KW
* 10-13 cups/hour
* Super compact under bench, Dimensions H335mm, W180mm, D150mm
* Perfect for small office or home.
* No expensive pumps, solenoid valves or drainage required


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Original Under Sink Chiller Water Unit

Features at a glance:

* Lead and copper free waterways
* 1.8 litre stainless steel chilling tank
* 5 Litres/hour cooling capacity
* Stainless steel internal waterways
* Galvalume corrosion resistant cabinet
* 8 cup initial draw off volume
* Dual, fan assisted static condensers
* Easy to install
* Dimensions: 408mm X 205mm X 278mm, Weight: 12.5kg
* Full 12 month Warranty (For home and commercial applications).