B7 is a Commercial Grade cooler. It is durable enough to withstand years of use and heavy traffic. It has a whisper-quiet running sound that will ensure they go unnoticed.

The B7 features a hygienic stainless steel water tank and a patented leak guard to keep your floor safe in the case of a leaky bottle. The one piece ABS drip tray is removable for easy cleaning and the entire unit is a breeze to move with a built in heavy duty metal handle on the back. The B7 water dispenser comes with a cold water thermostat so you can control the water temperature to your preference. Hot water has an automatic thermostat, and has a child proof faucet.

• Product Dimensions: 12.2″ (W) x 12.2″ (D) x 38.2″ (H) 
Product weight: 15.87Kg
Construction: High-density polyethylene cabinet
Amount of Cold Water Served Per Hour: 3.4L of 10 C /HR
Amount of Hot Water Served Per Hour: 7.6L of 85°C/HR
Hot Water Thermostat: Yes- temperature is controlled to 85° C
•Cold Water Thermostat: Yes- temperature is controlled to 2° to 12° C