Drinking more water, yeah I know, that resolution lasts for about 3 hours until the idea slips away like yesterdays dream. But don’t lose faith, the fantasy of your future self drinking your optimal daily requirements need not be lost!! I’ve experienced and seen it with my own eyes, having chilled & chilled sparkling water on-call (also boiling but we will get to that soon) means both my husband (notoriously partial to sweet fizzy drinks) and myself are constantly inspired to drink more water. It’s sitting right there, on your kitchen bench, at just the touch of a button! Honestly, it’s completely altered our behaviour!


We had the Spring NeoTap installed at the start of summer and I’m still waxing lyrical at how good it is. I basically want to call someone every time I use it!

There are a few different options to choose from, as I mentioned before, we went for the Spring Neo tap that includes boiling water. So goodbye kettle, hello clear bench space, instant teas / hot drinks,  boiling water for cooking. It would also be amazing for new mums. I mean, it’s instant boiling water.. there’s no more pausing your favourite show while the kettle boils, or those moments when you start the kettle only to return to a cold jug 30mins later after you’ve remembered. (this happened more to me than I care to admit). It’s simply just one button away.

The Neo tap sits clean and simply next to your main tap awaiting its next instruction. I must also note that the installation was really fast and easy. Well, I didn’t do a darn thing so it was VERY easy for me. The lovely crew from Spring came in the morning and in a few hours, it was all done.

All the fizz with ZERO fuss.

Spring Water Solutions has also offered an epic discount!


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