Water Distiller

$350.00 + GST

Distilled water is water in its purest form, it contains nothing. The process of water distillation is simple, water is brought to a boil and converted to steam. The steam flows through cooling tubes and condenses back to pure water.

Megahome One Gallon Countertop Home Water Distiller sets the standard for High Quality in manufacturing water distillers! Only the highest grade Stainless Steel Grade 304 is used throughout the unit to ensure years of flawless performance. Not an overpriced cheaply made distiller that are so often sold on the net and will only deliver poor performance and costly repairs. Megahome water distillers are UL Listed for safe performance and quality assurance!

Compact and Easy to Use! Fill with one gallon of water; hit the Reset Button and the distiller will automatically turn off when done. Rinse and fill with water to start the process again. It couldn’t be easier! Clean with EarthFountain environmentally safe Citric Acid Cleaning Crystals approximately once a week.

One High Quality Food Grade water collection container comes with each water distiller. Choose between the specially designed “Easy-Lift” ergonomic glass carafe and the less expensive polypropylene collection container. Buy an extra collection container to store your pure water in the refrigerator while making another gallon of home brewed water.

Everything You Need to start making your healthy-chemical and contaminant free-life giving water! Included with your purchase are one-half year supply of Carbon Activated Filters and 250g of Citric Acid Cleaning Crystals.