Avalanche Plumbed In

The Avalanche Plumbed In is designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen or office countertop. The Avalanche proves that size doesn’t matter. The compressor in this compact design provides exceptional cooling and runs very quietly. Featuring LED lights to indicate when the hot and/or cold water are at optimum temperatures

Double mechanical float system for reliable operation

Secondary float acts as a safety precaution by shutting off water supply

Manual reset switch located at top of system for easy access

Compressor operated for efficient water temperature recovery

* Green indicates normal function

* Red indicates the secondary float has been activated

5 micron air filter

¼ ” inlet tube for connection to water supply

Touch Guard® handle is standard on the Hot faucet

Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading

Removable drip tray

Available in black and white