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Our Water Cooler Packages

Ceramic Water Dispenser

$89.00$120.00 + GST

Available on its own or as a combo with the bottle


This ceramic dispenser is a great way to dispense purified water – you can even chill it by adding ice cubes to it.


Sparkling Plumbed

Sparkling water at the touch of a button


Plumbed In Coolers have their own water supply – no bottled water delivery required.


  • Available in full size or bench top version
  • Installation can be free if you opt for a rental package
  • Premium KDF Filter
  • Available in cool, cold and hot
  • Non invasive installation – original plumbing is not affected



• Product Dimensions: 23 (W) x 39 (D) x 119 (H) cm
• Chilling capacity: up to 20L per hour
• Heating capacity: up to 12L per hour

Spring Water Box

$25.95 + GST


2 x 12l Ultra Purified Water (Reverse Osmosis)

FREE Delivery Nationwide

Price includes one way delivery via courier
Only sold in twin packs (2 x 12 litres)
Spring Water Box is recyclable.


    A large variety of accessories for bottled and bottleless water coolers.


    Looking for short term water solution for a convention, conference or event?


    We clean / service water coolers and filters anywhere in the country.

Thousands of NZ companies choose Spring